White Salmon RiverFest Community Float

July 13, 2017 @ 9:30 am
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The 2016 White Salmon Riverfest is planned for Wednesday July 13th. Part of the annual White Salmon RiverFest is the traditional Community Float trip on the White Salmon River, only for area residents and their guests. While the program details are still being finalized we know the annual community rafting trip will take place in the morning and reservations are already being made!

Riverfest2015-6Bring your neighbor, or meet your neighbor, while exploring and enjoying the beautiful White Salmon River which floats like an artery through our community. At a very reduced rate, our local outfitters make it possible for you to see the river, now floating through the former Northwestern reservoir, past the former Condit Dam site, all the way into the Columbia River.

The White Salmon River Fest and Symposium celebrates the White Salmon River and the environment, community, and history that surrounds it. The river is an invaluable social, recreational, and economic benefit to those who call it home. The River Fest and Symposium aims to gather the local boating and non-boating community for a day of celebration, education, legendary whitewater, food, dance, and more.

Riverfest2015-3In celebration of the White Salmon River there will be guest speakers, a community raft float, kayak clinics, a kayak slalom, and a party at Big Man’s BBQ! Our goal is to provide an educational resource for the professionals that work on the river and the community members that live nearby.

Since the removal of Condit Dam in 2012, the event’s symposium portion has become the premier resource for the most up-to-date information on the decommission process. The changes occurring in the river canyon as a result of this groundbreaking hydropower removal project are of epic proportions. Join us to learn more about what is happening on your favorite Pacific Northwest River.

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