Hike The Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge area is a veritable hiking heaven, with incredibly scenic, easy to challenging trail opportunities around nearly every corner. The riotous colors of wildflowers in spring and changing leaves in fall are highlights to the beautifully expansive vistas and hidden shangri-las that draw hikers year-round from around the world. 

The Washington side of the Gorge offers many of the best hikes, best views, and best scenery. So lace up your boots, put on your day pack, or just bring a picnic lunch and come explore hiking on the Washington “sunny side” of the Gorge. Check out some of our favorite Columbia Gorge area hikes below. And check out these resources for an almost unlimited selection of hikes in the Gorge area

 Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area LocalHikes.com
  City of Stevenson Northwest Hiker
Curious Gorge Portland Hikers
Friends of the Columbia Gorge Skamania.com
Gorge Kids Washington Trails Association
PLAN YOUR OWN HIKE or review TRAILS in 3-D on Google Earth, courtesy of Friends of the Gorge!

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