No traffic, no parking, no hassles: Try out these car-free Gorge hike itineraries

Friends of the Gorge

Connect from Portland-Vancouver area to nine Gorge trailheads via seasonal weekend bus service

A newly launched seasonal weekend bus service lets you enjoy the wonders of the Columbia River Gorge

without driving to them yourself! For $4 a day, hikers can hop on Skamania County’s WET (West End

Transit) Bus to access nine trailheads and communities in the heart of the Gorge. The WET Bus service

began in May and will run on weekends through October 11. Save gas money, reduce your carbon

footprint, and avoid congestion, parking, and worrying about which recreation pass to use!

You can begin your trip in Portland and Vancouver using TriMet and C-TRAN connections. Friends of the

Columbia Gorge and partners have created hike itineraries keyed to the WET Bus schedule for the

following trails: Beacon Rock, Cape Horn, Dog Mountain, Sams Walker, and the Pacific Crest Trail, even

connecting to Timberline Lodge! View the itineraries and WET bus schedule at Friends’ website.

“Gorge visitation has been incredible this spring with the fabulous weather we are experiencing,” said

Casey Roeder of the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce. “Riding WET allows folks to enjoy the

natural beauty and unlimited recreation without a car. They can spend the night along the route and get

immersed in our small towns with their great food and beverages and unique shopping.”

”The WET Bus supports our Gorge Towns to Trails vision of linking communities with sustainable

recreation to benefit tourism and highlight the Gorge. A workable public-transport option is sorely

needed, particularly when the weather is good and trails are crowded,” said Friends Executive Director

Kevin Gorman. “Finding safe, legal parking at popular trailheads on the weekend has become a potential

public-safety issue.”

Illegal parking at the Dog Mountain trailhead along State Route 14 this spring prompted Washington’s

transportation department to last week impose parking restrictions in the area. The solution: Don’t

drive! Ride the WET Bus, either from the Portland-Vancouver area or from the Gorge town of Stevenson.

This unique service is funded by a Western Federal Lands Access Grant; the Washington State

Department of Transportation; the towns of Stevenson and North Bonneville; Skamania County; and

Friends of the Columbia Gorge. WET Bus 2015 schedule   Gorge WET


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