Tree Care Cascadia

At Tree Care Cascadia LLC, we strive to have a different focus toward arboriculture than many other tree services. Whevener possible we try to advocate and prune for the health of the tree we work in. We still remove trees where needed, but inform our clients of alternatives to cutting trees down that pose little to no hazard to 6family or home. Sometimes removing a tree is the best thing to do for the health of other local trees and the property, due to disease or overshading. We will help advise you of the options and work with you to apply the one that best fits your situation.

Our goal is to be a good neighbor and help our communitites appreciate all that trees do for us. Weather creating shade helps keep summer eletricity bills down. A great stand can hold the kids’ rope swing and help regulate the climate. Trees do a lot for us, the least we can do is treat them with our respect.

Contact: Anthony Villagomez 
Phone: 541-806-0508

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