KlickitatRaftingThe Washington side of the Gorge is internationally known for it’s waterplay adventures, including miles of designated Wild and Scenic Rivers with whitewater rapids and waterfalls to Class 5 fed from the flanks of beautiful snow-clad Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens and passing through beautiful steep-walled canyons and wide-open scenic farmlands.

The whitewater is legendary, with long stretches to train the novice kayaker and many hair-raising stretches to test the most experienced. Each year outfitters that make their home in the area take thousands of guests on safe, exciting, and not-soon-forgotten half-day and longer raft trips with professional guides who provide information about the surrounding geology and environment. Collapsed lava tubes, comical water birds, even spawning salmon and bald eagles are common sights on these trips. And you’ll likely never to forget the thrill of going over Class 5 Husum Falls or “Riding the Bull” at Rattlesnake Rapids in a commercial raft, especially if you’re lucky(?) enough to join the “Swim Team”.

Here are some of our favorite local rafting, kayaking, and waterplay outfitters

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